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Technologies for Business
We will show you how modern technologies solve the problems of real business. We will walk you through all stages: from design to implementation.
About Us
VRT is a leading company in the immersive solutions market. We create immersive solutions for large companies and governmental authorities.

We not only create solutions and provide technical support, but also assist our clients with consulting and strategic planning in the field of disruptive technologies.
Since 2009
Develop IT-projects
Since 2015
Operate in VR&AR market
VRT in Numbers
We have put together our best works for you in one video so you can see everything in less than a minute.
in state
Winner of the
Steel Start 2019
Industrial Startup Competition
Winner of the Business Priority contest of the Roscongress Foundation,
SPIEF 2019.
Our Competencies
Augmented Reality (AR)
and Computer Vision (CV)
Augmented Reality
Display of additional graphic items with binding to real objects.
Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality
Fully modelled virtual world with 360-degree view and interaction with participants through sight, touch, hearing, etc.
Mixed Reality (MR)
Mixed Reality
Combining real and virtual worlds to create new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time.
How We Work
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We will offer original solutions based on our experience and developments in already completed projects. All our customers' projects are unique.
We will offer original solutions based on our experience and developments in already completed projects. All our customers' projects are unique.
We keep in touch with you throughout the entire project development period, controlling and monitoring each stage.
We will make adjustments, answer questions and listen to suggestions - our clients are always satisfied with the final result.
Receive technical documentation
Stay informed about
each stage of the project
Ask questions
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Industrial safety simulator for the
metal industry
This VR-simulator allows you to work with the tools that employees are familiar with in the factory
VR-visualization of server rooms based on BIM data
Visualization of the Step Logic data center
Answer 4 questions and receive the implemented cases.
We respect our customers' time and that is why we will send you a relevant presentation with real cases!
Our Partners
Our Partners
Our Partners
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13 Bakhrushina Street, Moscow
Immersive Technologies for Business 2020
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Answer 4 questions and receive the implemented cases.
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